“DNA” Album

Title: DNA
Release Date: November 9th
Writers/Collaborators (rumoured): Little Mix, Gary Barlow, Biff Standard, Tony Gad, Wayne Hector, Jessie J
Duets: T-Boz, TLC
Record Label: SyCo

Song List:

1. Wings
2. DNA
3. Change Your Life
4. Always Be Together
5. Stereo Soldier
6. Pretend It’s OK
7. Turn Your Face
8. We Are Who We Are
9. How Ya Doin’? (Ft. Slick Rick)
10. Red Planet (Ft. T-Boz)
11. Going Nowhere
12. Madhouse

-In an interview with “Holy Moly,” the girls discussed wanting to write for the album, and Perrie and Leigh-Anne disclosed the names of the two best songs they’ve (respectively) ever written – “Beautiful Summer” and “Can’t Let Go”
-They’ve said it’s going to have an Urban R&B Pop feeling
-They have said they’ve co-written/written most of the songs


Check back for more info as we hear about it! Can’t wait to hear more from the girls soon…


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