Jade’s Style

We love Jade Thirlwall, and her absolutely adorable outfit combos – from bowties to suspenders/braces, here are a few ways to replicate how she dresses!

1. Rock the Braces
Jade’s famous for rocking the braces (or as we call them outside of the UK, “suspenders”) and boy, does she do it well!  Try suspenders with a cropped top, or high waisted pants/shorts.

2. Bow Ties & Button-Ups
We all know how Jade feels about bow-ties; she loves them so much that they’re even in her twitter description!  Pair it with a collared shirt buttoned all the way and you’re set.

3. Playful Trainers
We love all of Jade’s playful trainers – whether they’re rainbow or covered in sequins, she always gets creative with the footwear, pairing it with push down socks.

4. Large Sweaters
Jade is one who can pull off just throwing a big old hoodie or knit cardi, over any outfit.


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