Jade Thirlwall

Jade Thirlwall Little Mix   Biography

Birthday: 26 December 1992
Hometown: South Shields
Height: 5’3″
Nickname: Edna
Audition Song: I Want to Hold Your Hand (series 8), Unknown (series 7), Where do Broken Hearts Go (series 5)
Favourite Food: Lasagna, Biscuits, Chocolate
Movie: Disney films
Guilty Pleasure: Disney movies
Pet Peeves: Eating with an open mouth, grinding teeth in sleep, when Leigh-Anne and Jesy play loud music in the morning and wake her up.
Ideal Boyfriend Must: Buy her lots of presents, take her to Disney Land Paris and get her biscuits.
Pets: Her mom never let them have pets, so she had a beetle named Berry


-She once spent $1500 on a shopping spree (prior to X-Factor)
-She has 13 of her GCSEs
-She’s close friends with 2009 X-Factor winner, Joe McElderry, who she used to frequently duet with
-She was Head Girl at her school
-Jade says she wasn’t considered very cool or liked until people heard her sing
-She is currently (spring 2012) dating Sam from  Diversity

“As the Black Eyed Peas once said to me, I gotta feeling tonight’s gonna be a good night.”
“At school I was the swot who had rubbers [erasers] thrown at her in class until I stood up in assembly and sang.  There was this cheering and suddenly I began to be cool.”
“My security people are always checking up on us to make sure we’re eating healthy, so when they’re watching I eat bananas and satsumas and vegetables, but when they’re not looking, I eat chocolate. And biscuits!”


15 responses to “Jade Thirlwall

  1. I love you Jade, your the best singer out of all of the Little Mix band. I have even named my club Little Mix, your the best. xxxxxxxxx

    • jade i love u so much your the best singer in the world i love what you wear you r thee JADE THIRWALL you r so amazing and talented your so cool hope you come to derry some day

    • I love little mix too she is my faviourite singer I am going to one of little mix concerts soon whith my friend honor I made a club band we didn’t call it anything but we pretended my name was jade honors name was jesy my sister called Isabella was perrie and my other friend called dulcie was leighanne and we are all going to sing your songs and my name is jasminexxxxxx please reply if you can

  2. Jade I can’t believe you had rubbers thrown at you!!! You are my all time favourite person in the whole entire worldxx and I really want to see you in concert because I really don’t have enough money that is the reason I can’t come but I really really want to though xx

  3. If anyone wants a spear little mix ticket I have one and jade you are an insparation. If your reading this jade, I’m the one who accidently pulled your hair at the concert. sorry.
    p.s my name is Rhianonn., and I have two one direction tickets.

  4. I love jade soooooooooo much I love her lots like jelly tots she is amazing and It would be a dream to meet her xxxx

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