Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards Little Mix Biography

Birthday: 10 July 1992
Hometown: South Shields
Nickname: Bam-Bam, Pezza
Audition Song: You Oughtta Know (series 8)
Favourite Food: Chinese food, Nando’s, “anything fattening”
Movie: “Braveheart”
Pet Peeves: When you’re all cozy and trying to fall asleep and someone switches the light on.
Ideal Date: On the beach under the moon with blankets and eating.
Dream Job as a child: Vet
Siblings: Older brother Jonnie
Favourite Songs: More Than This (One Direction), Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepson)
Pets: 4 Huskies, 2 cats, 2 gerbils, a snake, a hampster, a pony and a one-legged budgie


She’s named after Steve Perry from the band Journey
-She can do a very good goat impression
-She has 14 GCSEs
Her parents have both been singers
-She loves shoes
-Does not drink alcohol
-She likes 1990’s style, or hippy
-Perrie plays the guitar

“I was always the one at school nobody fancied and I’ve only ever had one proper relationship”
“Don’t worry, be hippy ;)”


11 responses to “Perrie Edwards

  1. i love your band and at school i did a biography on you cause you are my fave band in the entire universe
    love you

  2. Perrie, you are such an inspiration to me, I love your style and how carefree you are! I love all the other girls too!! (: ❤

  3. hello my name is kirsty and i am the biggest fan of little mix and perrie edwards i love you all

    from kirsty ur biggest fan

  4. I didn’t like perrie at first but, honestly I think she’s gorgeous and funny and all around perfect. I wish I could meet her and thank her for making me smile. She’s a fantastic singer and she’s inspired me to follow my dreams. I also loooooove her accent.(:

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